Using MemberMOJO


At the beginning of January, we will be changing the way we manage membership to one that you can keep up-dated yourself.
The new on-line system will be replacing both the old paper based renewal reminders and the more recent emailed ones. This same system will also handle New Members.

When the time comes for you to renew your membership, you will now be sent an email 28 days before your year-end. Using this email you will be able to follow a link to the Home Page as shown above. From the home page you will be able to create your own log-in password or just use your email address to access your own stored details and to make payment to renew your membership.

You will notice that the fees for joining have changed quite substantially – however you should also note that renewal fees have remained the same.

As previosly noted, you will receive an email when the time comes to renew.
The email should look something like this :-

You will need to click on the link (shown here in blue – Confirm your details and renew your membership), which will take you onto the Log-In page as shwon below:-

When you have arived at the above Log-In screen, there are still a couple of stages to complete.

Check that your email address is correct and then click on the orange tab

This will generate the screen shown below – which should be fairly self explanatory :-

After a few moments you should no receive another email containing the link “click here to Sign In”. Clicking on this link should now take you to Your Membership page – looking something like this :-

From here you will be able to edit and change your personal details. (Please note that before leaving this page you may be required to confirm your Driver Status as well as choosing to be on the Mailing List or not).

Once you have completed any changes to the information on this page, please click on the Next button at the foot of the page and you will be taken to the payment page.

The fee for remaining a member is still only £17 (unless you are an Honorary Member, a Committee Member or a Tutor – all of whom are free), you will several payment options, please chose which ever you prefer and follow the instructions for each.

On further visits, if you do not wish to go through all the above steps, if you click on “Your Membership” you will see a section that allows you to set a password. Once this has been set you can just enter your email address and click on “sign in with password” The system should automatically offer you the option of filling in this for you.

Further information is shown on the following pages


If you want to sign-in to the Member Mojo Thames Valley RoSPA website on a casual basis, you can do so by going to: or by clicking on MEMBERS and then MemberMOJO from the menu bar options on the new TVG Website, as below

Carrying out either of the above will take you the Home Page for Member Services as seen here

From here you need top click on the sign in box seen top right hand side and select which ever of the options are appropriate – normally, selecting your email address which should be displayed.

This will then bring up the familiar sign-in box as below

Filling in this box will require you to supply your previously stored password (or even having this automatically filled in for you).

As a further option, you can click on the “Sign in without a password” box, providing you have supplied your email, this will bring up the now familiar notification that an Email has been sent to you – (does this begin to sound familiar?) for you again to click on the link and access the site that way.

If you click on the home page “Join Us / Renew” button, as an existing member and if your membership is not due for at least 2 months, you will be told that you cannot yet renew. You will however, still be able to access your records.

Robin Carlyle
01 Dec 2019