Skid Pan 18th March - Now Fully Booked

Driving Event
2018-03-18 00:00
Thruxton Motorsports Centre, Andover SP11 8PW - Thruxton Motorsports Centre, Andover SP11 8PW

Associates and Guests £80, Members £75, Tutors £70

Normal rate £99

Losing control of the car is something that concerns us all. So why not learn to recognise the different types of skid and how to control them

Once again we have managed to negotiate a fantastic deal with Thruxton Motorsport Centre to provide skid pan courses at rates that are exclusive to RoADAR TVG Members and associates.

Using both a Mini Cooper and Toyota GT86 in a safe environment their expert advanced driving instructors will help you develop the skills to correct and control a sliding car on the state of the art skid pan. Not only is it great fun it is more importantly an investment towards your own safety and that of your passengers.

  • Straight line braking tests, with and without ABS [anti lock braking system]

  • Straight line slalom, weight transfer and direction change controlling under and oversteer.

  • Prolonged control of under and oversteer on 45m diameter circle.

  • Exercises will be experienced with all electronic stability systems switched on for first run.

Maybe time to refresh existing skills or gain new ones

The course runs for approximately 2 hrs including a briefing

Only 4 Drivers per course

Interested complete the booking form from the website


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  • 2018-03-18 00:00

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