Thames Valley Group -  Membership Renewal Form

Personal details

Please note that subscription renewals are now due. In order to be a member of the Thames Valley Group, you need to be a fully paid up member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders at Head Office and have had a test or retest within the last 3 years.
To avoid confusion, I must point out that no part of the annual RoADA subscription payable to Headquarters in Birmingham is returned to the Thames Valley Group. To enable our Group to provide support and information to all members and to cover our own administration costs, we have to levy a local membership fee for Full Members.
We rely on your support and hope that you will continue to be an active member of the Thames Valley Group. The larger our membership the more influence the Group will have in obtaining concessions in recognition of your safer driving


RoSPA test details

(This section must be completed for RoSPA and Group records)

Tutor Details
We would like all eligible members (Gold and Silver grades) to consider tutoring for the coming year in
order to help enhance and expand the Group. Full training will be given whether you are a seasoned
tutor or just beginning.
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