Weekly Quiz – Week 1

We hope you enjoyed last weeks ‘Brainteaser‘ introduction to our new weekly quiz. You will find the answers at the bottom of this page.

This week we are beginning our eight-week club quiz, combining 10 questions to test both your Highway Code and Roadcraft knowledge. We hope you have fun tackling the questions and also find it a great way to revise or keep your knowledge up-to-date.

The answers to each weeks quiz will be pubished with the following weeks questions.

Here are the 10 questions for Week 1.

Highway Code

  1. When you come across a zebra crossing with a central island in the middle how should you approach it?
  2. In England and Wales the maximum breath alcohol level per 100 millilitres is what?
  3. What are the law references relating to towing cited in the H/C?
  4. For what purpose does the H/C suggest that you use an arm signal?
  5. In stationary queues of traffic drivers should apply the parking brake once following traffic has stopped. Why?


  1. What element of the system of car control is continuously in use?
  2. What is the order of the remaining phases of the system?
  3. What should you do if the information changes?
  4. In a car with an automatic gearbox, can we ignore the gear phase?
  5. What range of signals are available to you? Roadcraft identifies eight.

Answers to last weeks brainteasers

  1. Intolerance ceases – Acceleration sense
  2. Eighty who ached – The Highway Code
  3. Straight cliff – Traffic lights
  4. A ford cart – Roadcraft
  5. Bond hover car – Chevron board
  6. Ace railway guard – Dual carriageway
  7. No grave kit – Overtaking
  8. Titanic piano – Anticipation
  9. Endure rest – Understeer
  10. Monster flycatchers too – The SYSTEM of Car Control