Weekly Quiz – Week 8 Answers

We hope that you have enjoyed our quiz throughout the lockdown period and have been able to answer most, if not all of the Roadcraft and Highway Code questions. As the isolation restrictions are gradually relaxed it is hoped that our Tutor / Associate drives and rides can begin again. Please check our website for the latest news and updates on club activities.

The answers to last weeks questions are listed below.

Answers to last week’s questions (Week 8)

*Ref:  www.gov.uk Highway Code updated 2019
**Ref: Roadcraft: The Polce Driver’s Handbook 2013 edition

Highway Code*

  1. You should not enter according to the H/C unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so. (Rule 130)
  2. Statutory Off-Road Notification
  3. 1st January 1997 (Rule 98)
  4. The period half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise. (Rule 113)
  5. Will allow you to stop well within the distance you see to be clear. (Rule 126)


  1. The closer you are to the vehicle in front the less you will be able to see beyond it. It may well leave you in their blind spot, so the driver in front won’t even know you are there. (Roadcraft page 61)
  2. Before any manoeuvre check the mirrors; on a left-hand turn (or when leaving a roundabout), check the nearside mirror for cyclists. (Roadcraft pages 32, 157, 202)
  3. With a qualified instructor on a dedicated facility. (Roadcraft page 141)
    Note: Thames Valley Group arranges regular sessions at the state-of-the-art skidpan at Thruxton with discounts for the Group’s Associates and Members. Instruction is by the circuit’s professional team and is in cars provided at the skidpan.
  4. It is the area of eyesight surrounding the central area of sharply defined vision and is particularly good as sensing movement. (Roadcraft page 86)
    • It gives you your sense of speed and your position on the road.
    • It registers the movement of other road users.
    • It acts as a cue for the central vision, warning of areas to examine more closely
  5. 100 metres, which is the distance between motorway marker posts. (Roadcraft page 58)