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The wet weather in the AM may have put off some as only 3 brave souls made it to the starting point by 9:30AM. We left in a downpour but as we were just riding down the A303 it was no great loss. 

As we entered the twisties the rain slowed then stopped and past Castle Cary it was only moist in some parts. The weather had also discouraged tourists and it was one of the clearest runs through Cheddar Gorge I have ever experienced. 

As we made our way across to Dunster we had a dreadful experience, not with the weather but the A39 is 99% double solid white lines and only became broken in the middle of towns or next to junctions. Progress was painful as we got stuck behind a motorhome for a long stretch.

The weather however was now sunny and we got a clear run down through the Exe Valley, so 20 miles of beautiful twisting road before we stopped for lunch and enjoyed some ice cream in the sunshine. 

We moved on, making good progress on the rest of the miles, the bottom of the A30 was unexpectedly twisting and our final road via Woodford near Salisbury threw in one last little hairpin to mark the end of the day. 

Many thanks to Gemma for leading