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By finding this page you have probably already made the first step towards becoming a better and safer rider. There are many different reasons for being keen on further training. Amongst these are – that you’ve scared yourself once too often, that you don’t feel you’re getting the most from your bike, or that you have recently just passed your test and know you have more to learn.

The good news is that Advanced Rider Training through RoSPA can answer all of these and more. The even better news is that the Thames Valley Group is among the best of the best. 

Since being established in 2003 we have never had a test failure.

This is something we’re proud of and we stand by our ethos of quality not quantity.

As a volunteer organisation, we offer a highly focused and personalised training to individuals, based on the same principles that the Police and other First Responders use.

How do we train you?

All training is based around the theory contained in Roadcraft – the Police Federation Training Manual. However we do not offer theoretical motorcycle training – ALL your training will practical and will be conducted on the road, not in the classroom. 

Using PMR radio or Bluetooth technology, your Tutor will take you through a whole range of scenarios, where appropriate giving a running commentary and guidance throughout your ride. Your Tutor give you one-to-one advice on how to deal with hazards, improve road positioning and bike handling skills and how to read the road ahead. Regular rest stops during the ride provide an opportunity to discuss points of detail and explain (and debate) some of the finer points of Roadcraft.

The rides take place at times to suit you and your Tutor based on when you are available and using roads that are convenient to reach. This makes your training very individual to you. You can expect to cover between 50 and 150 miles during a session depending on factors like the type of roads being ridden, time of year and the areas of your development relevant at that time. Of course, advanced riders must be able to apply their skills in all conditions and you can expect your training to include both wet and dry conditions to allow your skills to develop.

We are, of course, always aware of the need for safety and never push riders beyond their capabilities. With targeted training we aim to incrementally provide all of those we train with the skills, temperament and know-how to ride progressively and safely in all conditions.

Where do we train you?

As already mentioned, we will try to give you training in a convenient area that will be easy for both you and your Tutor to reach. Despite our catchment area being very big and covering 5 counties, it is our expectation that you will find we have at least one Tutor reasonably local to where you are.

Training on roads that you do not use every day is an important aspect of the process, so do not worry over much if we do ask you travel for training. Finding new roads and having to cope with unfamiliar experiences will add to and improve the enjoyment of both gaining and honing those new skills we offer.

If you are unsure if your location is practical for you please do get in touch before joining to check and we will advise on the best solution.

How to start your training 

Once you have completed the Application process (just click on Membership and then Join Us on the menu bar), we will contact you to discuss more fully how to arrange your training. 

We will do our best to link you up immediately with your Tutor, though if they are all already heavily committed, there might be a short delay. 

In the event that we cannot offer an immediate start we will discuss with you other avenues that could get you involved and provide an introduction to the training process.

All our Tutors are fully accredited with RoSPA HQ and will have been tested (or re-tested) within the last 3 years, so they have a very recent idea of what they will be asking you to take on.

Advanced Riding Test

Once it’s decided that you are ready for your advanced test, you should make your application directly with Headquarters using the test application forms 

Once RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders HQ have received your application and processed payment they will appoint an examiner who will contact you direct. 

Examiners are more often than not serving police officers, carrying out tests in their spare time – which means their own availability can vary, which may cause a delay. If you haven’t been contacted within a few weeks please do contact RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders by either email – click on the link at the foot of any page on the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders website, or phone using the number in the same location.

What else do we do?

In addition to formal training the Group organises monthly Social Rides on the first Sunday of every month throughout the year. These serve as an informal method for practicing and consolidating advanced riding, they also provide an opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and form ongoing support and socialisation within the group.

Please check our Events pages to see what is on offer – make sure you keep checking as these can change at short notice, especially in the summer months .

Advanced Riding Test