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Some interesting statistics received by Tony Parish about driving again as the lockdown measures are reduced.

Almost a fifth of motorists have admitted to struggling to get to grips with driving again after several months of lockdown.

A survey of 2,000 motorists, commissioned by Hyundai, found that the average driver has travelled just 90 miles in the past 28 days, compared with a typical average of 583 per month. Thirty per cent travelled 25 miles or fewer. With many covering such few miles.

Some 18 per cent said they were struggling now they were driving more. Of that number, 28 per cent had stalled their car, 21 per cent had ‘kerbed’ their wheels, and 21 per cent had forgotten to indicate.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent said they hadn’t visited a filling station recently, with 12 per cent admitting they couldn’t remember the location of their fuel filler or charge point.

While many are concerned about their own driving, more are worried about others, with 48 per cent saying they are concerned about other motorists’ driving standards now restrictions are lifting.