RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Thames Valley

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Affordable advanced driver and rider training delivered in a friendly club environment

Your opportunity to put your advanced driving skills to good use and help raise money for a very worthwhile charity.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers has been a supporter of the Walk the Walk charity since its conception in 1996 and if it wasn’t for the army of volunteers it would simply not be possible to have raised £millions to help research this unfortunate disease that touch so many of us.

So how can YOU help?

The thousands of walkers and volunteers are supported by a small number of support vehicles who are there to provide responsive help wherever its needed during the event. This ranges from transporting walkers who cannot complete the circuits, Controlling crowds at pinch points along the route. Delivering supplies to the route volunteers and most importantly providing positive encouragement to those taking part.The charity provides and insures the vehicles (mainly SUV’s) and you sign up to a shift that suits you which can be through the night or on the Sunday morning.

Each car has two drivers throughout the event so that you always share the workload and help with navigating. All vehicles are fitted with radios that give contact to a central control.

A knowledge of London is useful but certainly not essential.

To find out more about the event and to sign up as a volunteer go to

If you wish to ask any questions about the drivers role please contact Tony Parish