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Ryan joined us on Thursday evening at the new time of 7pm to chat about his passion for motorcycling.
His claim to “fame” include, being the only Rapid Coach to have never ridden a marked Police bike. Daft enough to ride the NC500 in one day and 1,000 miles in under 24 hours the next, wise enough not to do it on my own bike!
Ryan answered questions ranging from IAM Tutor sessions, the latest edition of roadcraft and his mission with Rapid, to inspire people to ride, and to ride well.

He also shared some videos with RoSPA, the links are given below:
Episode 1 – Reading the Road
Episode 2 – Cornering Lines
Episode 3 – Throttle Control
Episode 4 – Steering Input

If anyone would like any further information on Rapid and/or their courses, you’re welcome to contact Ryan at mobile 07776 147058 or via the Rapid social media etc.

Once we’re allowed to meet in groups, he would be keen to pop along to one of our social nights and meet the members face to face.

Dave Tomlinson