RoADAR Thames Valley – COVID-19 Statement

In accordance with RoSPA HQ and Government Guidance, the following RoADAR TVG activities are currently suspended:

  • All New Associate Induction Days
  • All car and motorcycle tutoring
  • All car and motorcycle social rides
  • Tutor Workshops

In addition, RoSPA has suspended all tests and retests.

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Committee Meetings are now being held online, and whilst it may also be possible to offer some online training in the future, we believe that the best way to become an advanced driver or rider is to practice the skills in the presence of one of our qualified Tutors. Clearly, we are unable to do this at the moment, but look forward to restrictions being lifted so that we can resume our normal activities.

Although we are unable to offer practical training in the current climate, we are still open to new applications, and when we are able to resume training we will aim to allocate new Associates to Tutors in date order from joining on a first come, first served basis, as far as geographical constraints allow. We anticipate that by the time training resumes we may have a backlog of new Associates waiting for training, so it may not always be possible to commence training as soon as restrictions are relaxed. In the event that restrictions stay in place for some considerable time, an adjustment to new members joining date will be made to reflect this.

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