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Every year we try to run a slow riding day for our group members, this year we teamed up with Hampshire RoSPA and Bike2Bike Training who provided their new training ground and facilities to enable us to do this in style and comfort (well as much comfort as you can have at 28 degrees C).

You may not think slow riding is exciting but the tension builds as riders are required to make tight full lock turns and balance themselves, the throttle, clutch and rear brake to perfect the art. Our tutors created a series of exercises that would test the skill and determination of the riders and were present to guide and support the riders through them.

Here we can see one of the tutors in a fetching hi-vis vest instructing on how to approach this slow full lock turn taken from a stop. You might find yourself doing something similar when you come to a tight T-junction or need to pull out of a petrol station.

A instructor in hi-vis vest explaining to a motorcycle rider how they should practise riding slowly through a turn


Here we have another exercise, where the tutor is explaining how they will ride around a small circle of cones as tightly as they can and then come back down a straight slowly.  This combination excercise can really test the ability of the rider to look where they want to go and remain relaxed and balanced on the bike. We like to turn this in to a little competition at the end to see who can ride the slowest over 10m.


Here we have one of the riders in the process of completing a turn, in good form with their feet up arms relaxed and looking through the turn to where they want to arrive.


Blue motorcycle making slow turn, with rider looking towards turn
Looking where you want to end up


We raised £100 for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance this year , thanks to you all. We look forward to repeating this event next year and will publish some dates as soon as possible.

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